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Lock Cylinder Kit

  • Lock Cylinder Kit
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Product number: 0562840

Manufacturer number: 256924

EAN: 3276422569242

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€ 89,99

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Fitting Position: Front left (passenger side) Fitting Position: Front right (driver's side)

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Delivery 22-06-2021

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionFront left (passenger side)
    Front right (driver's side)
    Weight [kg]0,28
    Warranty2 years
    applicationLock set
  • Applicability

    C3 I
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.1 i - 1124ccm, 60pk, 44kw - HFX (TU1JP), HFX (TU1A)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.4 16V - 1360ccm, 88pk, 65kw - KFU (ET3J4)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.4 16V HDi - 1398ccm, 90pk, 66kw - 8HY (DV4TED4)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.4 HDi - 1398ccm, 70pk, 52kw - 8HZ (DV4TD)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.4 i - 1360ccm, 73pk, 54kw - KFV (TU3JP), KFV (TU3A)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.6 16V - 1587ccm, 109pk, 80kw - NFU (TU5JP4)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.6 16V - 1587ccm, 110pk, 81kw - NFU (TU5JP4)
    C3 I (FC_, FN_) | 2002.02-??? 1.6 16V HDi - 1560ccm, 90pk, 66kw - 9HX (DV6ATED4)
  • Original part numbers

    9170T5 CITROËN
    9170-T5 CITROËN
  • Manufacturer


    Valeo is an international car parts supplier for almost all brands worldwide. As a technology company, they focus on innovative products, systems and solutions that reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles. Valeo produces a wide range of products, from windscreen wiper blades to coupling sets and dynamo's.

    As an innovative company, Valeo delivers the latest automotive technology. For example, headlight developments such as LED Matrix lighting or BILED lighting, for example, come from Valeo.

    These types of products are delivered exclusively to car manufacturers in the first years, but usually after a year or 3-4, their way to the aftermarket and thus to Winparts's webshop.

    These products then come as Valeo product on the site, however, these products do not differ from the original products. You actually buy an original product with a Valeo stamp. Guaranteed top quality!

    In short, Valeo products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Original product
    - Top quality
    - Very good fit
    - No visual difference with the original
    - 1 year full warranty

    At the moment we have the following Valeo products in our range:

    - windscreen wipers
    - Coupling sets
    - Radiators and air conditioning components
    - Headlights, rear lights & other lighting parts
    - Row mechanisms
    - Start motors & dynamos
    - Sensors, switches & other electrical parts

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    • 0562840. Lock Cylinder Kit
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Lock Cylinder Kit

Lock Cylinder Kit

€ 89,99