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Noco Genius

Noco Genius Battery Booster GB40 12V 1000A

4.85 4.9/5 (34 Reviews)

Universally applicable

Product number: 0619515

Manufacturer number: 0180002

EAN: 046221150025

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  • Specifications

    Noco Genius GB40 battery booster

    The Noco Genius GB40 battery booster is a 12V jump starter that is suitable for starting a wide range of vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, engines, ATVs and vessels. This battery booster can be used for all 12V lithium, lead, wet, gel, MF, EFB and AGM batteries.

    The Noco Genius GB40 is a start booster that is small in size, and therefore easy to carry and store. In most cars it fits easily in the glove compartment. Despite the small size, there is more than enough power in this starter booster. It offers no less than 194A constant current and 1000A peak current. When fully charged, the Noco Genius GB40 can start up to 20 times a petrol engine up to 2 liters. It is also suitable for starting petrol engines up to 6 liters. For diesel engines this is a maximum of 3 liters. This battery booster can be used between -30 ° C and + 50 ° C.

    The Noco Genius not only offers a lot of power. But it is also well protected against polarization, short circuit, overload and overheating. The terminals are also protected and will not spark quickly when connected to your battery.

    The nice thing about this jump starter is that it is not only suitable for starting your car. But it can also be used as a battery charger for small appliances. The Noco Genius has a USB charging point, so you can charge your phone with it. In addition, the Genius GB40 also has a powerful LED lamp of 100 lumens. So you can also use it in the dark.


    1. 12 Volt
    2. Starting power 194A
    3. 1000A Peak Amp Rating
    4. 7000 Joules 3 sec
    5. Start up to 6 liters of petrol engines
    6. Start up to 3 liters of diesel engines
    7. USB connection
    8. Built-in 100 lumen LED lamp

    battery Type12V
    Integrated work lightYes
    Max. effekt1000A
    Continuous power194A
    Weight [kg]1.1
    Guarantee2 years
    applicationStart booster
    Cable length0.6 m
    Cable thickness25 mm²
    USB connectionYes
  • Applicability

    Universally applicable

  • Manufacturer

    Noco Genius
    NOCO was founded by Joseph Henry Nook in 1914 (Cleveland, Ohio).
    NOCO designs and manufactures premium battery chargers, jump starters and consumer batteries. As well as a wide range of accessories. Through this world-class offering, NOCO has effectively set new standards in design, performance and safety and introduced a whole new generation of products. At NOCO they don't try to outsmart their competition, but push the boundaries of what is possible. NOCO is driven by innovation and attention to detail.
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    Day after tomorrow

  • Reviews 34

    • 5 By: Paul Dijkgraaf on 05-01-2023

      Looks great, hope not to need it often

    • 5 By: Jan Slock on 13-12-2022

      Great device Hybrid started immediately

    • 5 By: J.A. Hendriks on 01-07-2022

      This battery booster does what it has to do. When the battery is empty, connect the booster and start. A good price/quality ratio.

    • 5 By: Halil Adem on 26-05-2022

      Really handy device, multifunctional and practical

    • 5 By: Patrick Van Parysgr on 24-05-2022

      Already needed 3 times with my Hybrid car. A piece of cake. Does what it promises. Made sturdy.

    • 5 By: Patrick Minne on 27-03-2022

      Excellent product, and good price

    • 5 By: Kees Tabak on 05-03-2022

      Good service and fast delivery

    • 5 By: A.W. Bonnema on 18-02-2022

      Handy and powerful starting aid. Functions perfectly!

    • 5 By: H. Eggens on 09-02-2022

      It looks great and it works good and fast.

    • 5 By: Maduro on 21-01-2022

      After reading several jumpstart reviews and tests, I decided to buy the GB40. Do you have a hybrid car that does not start after 1 week of standing still. Needed the GB40 this morning. The use is child's play, start connecting and back on the road. Now you no longer have to bother the neighbor or have to wait for the emergency service to arrive. ie the GB40 has been a good buy.

    • 5 By: Gunther Verbruggen on 27-12-2021

      easy to use and to take with you

    • 5 By: Leo Tiebosch on 26-02-2021

      Small compact, light and easy to use

    • 5 By: marco van zijl on 23-02-2021

      looks robust and works perfectly. because of corona, my toyota hybrid is standing still for too long, causing the battery to drain. within 5 seconds everything worked again. super. it is a pity that a battery charger on usb is not included, I had to order it separately somewhere. minus 2a

    • 5 By: leo Hilgerson on 04-01-2021

      Looks well cared for but I hope not to need it, but is ready when needed

    • 5 By: Eric Kuijsten on 18-12-2020

      Delivered neatly and quickly charged but not needed yet

    • 5 By: Schrauwers on 08-12-2020

      Nice little device that works well. Easy to take with you.

    • 5 By: Johan Oldenhuizing on 24-11-2020

      Does what it should do. Great product.

    • 5 By: P.D.van Engers on 12-10-2020

      Good looks, robust device. Until now (fortunately) only used for charging mtel. It is a pity that a storage box is not included in the offer. The supplied fabric bag 'isn't it') for me)

    • 5 By: D.R. Hanssen on 15-06-2020

      Works perfectly (also for motorcycle), nice and compact

    • 5 By: Hans Dondorp on 06-06-2020

      Used several times. Handy device works great! Adjust text related to charging via mobile phone charger etc.

    • 5 By: Sluis on 27-05-2020

      Top product, works as described !!

    • 5 By: P. Kok on 12-04-2020

      High-quality battery. Strong housing. And not too big, fits in the back of my bike.

    • 5 By: Elbertus Curvers on 01-03-2020

      easy to use / handy / gives good results.

    • 4 By: Ada on 14-02-2020

      Great product, could use it immediately. Clear instructions.

    • 4 By: Vincent Helsen on 08-01-2020

      Very handy and compact start booster that is heavy enough to start most standard cars. Solid battery terminals with a nice sturdy connector to the Noco itself. I was able to test it immediately one week after purchase and it worked great! A pity that there is no charging block included for a normal socket and only for the 12V plug of the car. Furthermore, a slightly larger bag or something like that was included to store it nicely, but this is rather a detail. I'm happy with it.

    • 5 By: Ronald Holt on 12-10-2019

      great device could use it immediately on the day of delivery

    • 5 By: Ton on 21-05-2019

      Good booster to start a car with an empty battery, with a full load you can start the car 6 / 7x. Halfway through the day the Booster was almost empty. Then connected to the cigarette lighter and after a while he was charged again to start the car again. In short top device.

    • 5 By: Hein van der Eng on 23-04-2019

      Not needed yet but looks solid at first sight

    • 5 By: Antonio Nunez on 19-04-2019

      Too good product, delivered quickly and perfectly meets my wishes

    • 4 By: A .W van Beek on 20-03-2019

      Easy to use

    • 4 By: Lieven Van den Abeele on 26-02-2019

      Very satisfied with this device, is compact and compact!

    • 4 By: U. Diallo on 12-01-2019

      Every car owner must have one!

    • 5 By: C Dekker on 17-05-2018

      Nice and compact, and delivery was ð? '

    • 5 By: Roger Jansson on 12-10-2017


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