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Mirror Glass, outside mirror 305-0031-1 TYC

Product number: 0536773

Manufacturer number: 305-0031-1

EAN: 8717475065800

€ 11,41

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionRight (passenger side)
    Outer/Inner MirrorSpherical
    Guarantee2 years

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  • Applicability

    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.0 X - 954ccm, 45pk, 33kw - CDY (TU9M)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.0 X - 954ccm, 50pk, 37kw - CDZ (TU9M)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.1 X, SX - 1124ccm, 54pk, 40kw - HDZ (TU1M)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.1 X, SX - 1124ccm, 60pk, 44kw - HDZ (TU1M), HFX (TU1JP)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.4 VTS - 1360ccm, 75pk, 55kw - KFX (TU3JP), KFW (TU3JP)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.5 D - 1527ccm, 54pk, 40kw - VJY (TUD5)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.5 D - 1527ccm, 57pk, 42kw - VJZ (TUD5)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.6 VTL, VTR - 1587ccm, 88pk, 65kw - NFZ (TU5JP)
    SAXO (S0, S1) | 02.1996-04.2004 1.6 VTS - 1587ccm, 118pk, 87kw - NFX (TU5JP4)
  • Original part numbers

    8151V0 CITROËN
  • Manufacturer


    TYC is a world leader in auto replacement lamps and units. In addition to the design and production of Original Equipment for several OE manufacturers in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, TYC is a certified manufacturer of the world's most comprehensive after-market lighting program.

    Due to the fact that TYC has invested in the quality of production processes for many years, more and more car brands use headlights produced by TYC. Below are some of the largest:

    - Toyota
    - Honda
    - Lucas
    - Ford

    TYC products distinguish themselves in the following areas:

    - Very high quality, usually original parts under TYC label
    - Extensive range for both the European and international markets
    - 2 years full warranty
    - Distribution center in the Netherlands, very good availability

    Many of the products sold by TYC are therefore actually original products. Due to the success of the lighting parts, TYC is focusing on the production of more plastic car parts. As a result, TYC products are now available in the following product groups for almost all cars:

    - Headlights
    - Rear lights
    - Indicator lights
    - Side mirrors
    - Radiators
    - Cooling fans

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