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Product number: 0201411

Manufacturer number: 6606625103005

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  • Specifications

    Fitting PositionTailgate
    Guarantee2 years
  • Applicability

    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.0 (F68) - 996ccm, 65pk, 48kw - K10B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.0 (F68) - 996ccm, 68pk, 50kw - K10B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.0 LPG (F68) - 996ccm, 65pk, 48kw - K10B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.2 (F68) - 1242ccm, 86pk, 63kw - K12B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.2 (F68) - 1242ccm, 94pk, 69kw - K12B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.2 LPG (F68) - 1242ccm, 86pk, 63kw - K12B
    AGILA (B) (H08) | 04.2008-10.2014 1.3 CDTI (F68) - 1248ccm, 75pk, 55kw - D13A, Z 13 DTJ
  • Original part numbers

    4708423 OPEL AGILA 07+
  • Manufacturer


    OE (original equipment) means that the product is exactly the same as the original one on your car. Original products always come in the original manufacturer's brand packaging.

    For example, if you order a product for your Audi and this is from the manufacturer OE (original), you will receive a product in the Audi brand packaging. You will therefore receive a cheaper aftermarket product, but the high quality part as it is original on your car.

    Original products distinguish themselves from the following items:

    - Original quality
    - Packaging
    - Not cheap, but the best fit and brand appearance
    - Warranty according to your car manufacturer's prescribed deadline

    Winparts offers, among other things:



    Tail lights

    bumper brackets

    mud pit

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