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Kavo parts

Clutch Kit CP-8517 Kavo parts

  • Clutch Kit CP-8517 Kavo parts
  • Clutch Kit CP-8517 Kavo parts, Thumbnail 2

Product number: 0391839

Manufacturer number: CP-8517

EAN: 8715616021487

€ 290,91

€ 149,04

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  • Specifications

    key way: 19.8 x 23 VLO DK
    Hub Profile19,7 x 23
    Friction Lining Outer Diameter [mm]160
    Guarantee 3 years
    ContentWith releaser

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  • Applicability

    REX III | 06.1989-03.1992 0.7 - 658ccm, 48pk, 35kw - EN07E
    REX III | 06.1989-03.1992 0.7 4WD - 658ccm, 48pk, 35kw - EN07E
    REX III | 06.1989-03.1992 0.7 Kompressor 4WD - 658ccm, 64pk, 47kw - EN07Z
    REX III | 06.1989-03.1992 0.8 - 758ccm, 42pk, 31kw - EN08
    VIVIO | 03.1992-12.1998 0.7 - 658ccm, 44pk, 32kw - EN07E
    VIVIO | 03.1992-12.1998 660 4WD - 658ccm, 44pk, 32kw - EN07E
  • Manufacturer

    Kavo parts

    Looking for the perfect alternative to expensive auto parts for your Asian car? Choose Kavo Parts; the Dutch supplier has been offering top quality for competitive prices for more than 30 years. The parts of Kavo Parts are made and tested according to the strict OEM specifications. So your part has the same quality, fit, performance and longevity as the original. But much cheaper!

    That you do not have to doubt about the quality proves the guarantee that Kavo Parts gives as standard. A unique 3-year warranty applies to all parts!

    We have the full wide range of Kavo Parts available to you;

    - Brake pads, brake discs & other brake parts

    - Timing sets, multi belts & tensioners

    - Water pumps

    - Wheel bearings

    - Lambda probes

    - CV-joints, driveshafts & dust covers

    - Sensors

    - Links

    - Engine mounts

    - Steering parts, Chassis parts

    - Ignition, spark plugs & ignition coils

    - Shock absorbers

    If you choose Kavo Parts, you choose:

    First assembly (OE) quality

    Standard 3 year warranty

    Very extensive range

    Extremely competitive prices

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