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Clutch Kit

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Product number: 1411798

Manufacturer number: KF-720

EAN: 8033001092165

€ 189,18

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  • Specifications

    Number of Teeth24
    Inner diameter [mm]148
    Centering Diameter [mm]25
    Guarantee2 years
    Fitted Diameter [mm]277
    Diameter [mm]230

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  • Applicability

    FORESTER (SG_) | 02.2002-10.2012 2.0 S Turbo AWD (SG5) - 1994ccm, 177pk, 130kw - EJ205
    FORESTER (SG_) | 02.2002-10.2012 2.5 AWD (SG9) - 2457ccm, 211pk, 155kw - EJ25
    FORESTER (SG_) | 02.2002-10.2012 2.5 AWD (SG9, S11SG, S12SH) - 2457ccm, 230pk, 169kw - EJ255
    IMPREZA Estate
    IMPREZA Estate (GG) | 10.2000-12.2008 2.0 Turbo AWD (GGA) - 1994ccm, 218pk, 160kw - EJ205
    IMPREZA Estate (GG) | 10.2000-12.2008 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GGA) - 1994ccm, 225pk, 165kw - EJ205
    IMPREZA Saloon
    IMPREZA Saloon (GD) | 12.2000-06.2009 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GDA) - 1994ccm, 218pk, 160kw - EJ205
    IMPREZA Saloon (GD) | 12.2000-06.2009 2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GDA) - 1994ccm, 225pk, 165kw - EJ205
  • Original part numbers

    30100AA780 SUBARU
    3050212U00 NISSAN
    30100AA840 SUBARU
    30210AA361 SUBARU
    30210AA570 SUBARU
    30100AA790 SUBARU
    30100AA881 SUBARU
    30502AA080 SUBARU
    30210AA640 SUBARU
    30100AA883 SUBARU
    30210AA580 SUBARU
    30210AA650 SUBARU
    30100AA791 SUBARU
    30210AA360 SUBARU
    30210AA630 SUBARU
    30210AA421 SUBARU
    30100AA720 SUBARU
    30210AA530 SUBARU
    30100AA600 SUBARU
    30210AA381 SUBARU
    30210AA420 SUBARU
    30100AA900 SUBARU
    30100AA880 SUBARU
    30502AA130 SUBARU
    30210AA520 SUBARU
    30100AA890 SUBARU
    30210AA362 SUBARU
    30210AA540 SUBARU
  • Manufacturer

    Japanparts is a major supplier of basically every particle that you can find in a car. The company of Italian origin is one of the largest suppliers of parts and components for cars of Asian or American origin.
    As the name suggests, they are mainly specialized in Japanese car brands, but also for major Korean and a few American brands. Since 1992 they have been working with experienced employees to achieve the best results.
    The annual turnover is currently around 30 million. About 55% of that turnover is generated from the domestic market and 45% is exported to countries within Europe. The distribution network of this brand is very large. It has 50 branches in Italy alone and more than 400 in the rest of Europe.

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