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Steering Gear SR22051 ERA

Product number: 0734602

Manufacturer number: SR22051

EAN: 5415047115023

€ 568,70

€ 379,72

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Excl. € 150,00 deposit-return fee
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  • Specifications

    Operating ModeHydraulic
    Guarantee 2 years

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  • Applicability

    FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_) | 1995.08-2002.01 1.6 16V Sport - 1596ccm, 103pk, 76kw - L1T, L1V
    FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_) | 1995.08-2002.01 1.8 DI - 1753ccm, 75pk, 55kw - RTN, RTP, RTQ
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.25 16V - 1242ccm, 75pk, 55kw - FUJA, FUJB
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.25 16V - 1242ccm, 70pk, 51kw - M7JA, M7JB
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.3 - 1299ccm, 69pk, 51kw - A9JA, A9JB
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.3 - 1299ccm, 60pk, 44kw - BAJA
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.4 16V - 1388ccm, 80pk, 59kw - FXJA, FXJB
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.4 TDCi - 1399ccm, 68pk, 50kw - F6JA, F6JB
    FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) | 2001.11-2008.06 1.6 16V - 1596ccm, 100pk, 74kw - FYJA, FYJB
  • Original part numbers

    2S6C 3200 KC FORD
    2S6C 3200 KN FORD
    4329684 FORD
    4472938 FORD
  • Manufacturer

  • Delivery time

    Expected delivery date:

    Day after tomorrow

  • This item is subject to a deposit-return fee. After returning the old part, the deposit-return fee will be fully refunded.

    How does this work?
    You return the old part – the part you have disassembled from your car - in the original packaging of the received new part. This ensures that the manufacturer has a clear and immediate understanding which product number it concerns. After the ability to recycle the part (see below for more information) has been checked and approved, the deposit-return fee will be refunded to the same bank account number. The bank account number from which the initial payment had been made.

    Which issues do I need to consider?
    The manufacturer will evaluate the part if it is applicable to recycling. Is the part broken or otherwise unrepairably damaged, by say a right angle grinder? The manufacturer will not be able to re-use the part and will reject reimbursement. In this case you can’t claim reclamation of the paid deposit-return fee. Naturally, Winparts will not reimburse the fee to you if the manufacturer rejects the old part. Processing time can take up to 2 weeks.

    I return the used part, will I receive a new one?
    Yes - the housing is often re-used, the part itself is completely new. You’ll have an improved original part with full warranty of the manufacturer. Of course you can count on it that the part meets all kind of rigorous quality checks.
  • Questions?

    • 0734602. Steering Gear
    • In order to help you with your request, we require extra information about your vehicle. We would like to know: brand / model / type, year of manufacture, coach work, fuel, automatic transmission or manual, number of doors, VIN.

Steering Gear

Steering Gear SR22051 ERA

€ 379,72