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Castrol oil

Engine Oil Castrol Edge Titanium 5W30 C3 1L

4.96 5/5 (23 Reviews)

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Product number: 0531725

Manufacturer number: 15530C

EAN: 4008177080388

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  • Specifications

    Engine oil Castrol Edge 5W30 Titanium C3 1L
    SKU: 157EEF

    The fully synthetic Castrol Edge 5W30 C3 Titanium is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. This oil is suitable for the following brands, among others:

    1. Mercedes Benz
    2. Opel
    3. Renault

    NOT suitable for VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda with the Longlife III requirements! Use the LL Castrol oil for this. The unique TITANIUM FST in Castrol Edge changes the physical way motor oil behaves under extreme stress. This unique FluidStrengthTechnology ™ reinforces the oil so that the metal-to-metal contact is reduced.

    1. Reduces friction by up to 15%
    2. Up to 45% stronger than a leading competitor
    3. Retains power for at least 140 hours longer than Castrol engine oil without titanium

    Today's engines work harder, become warmer and are loaded more than ever before. Car manufacturers are making smaller, more powerful and more efficient engines. Downsizing, turbos and advanced engine designs (such as an immediate engine oil injection and variable valve intervals) have greatly increased the pressure in the engine and the lubrication system. The engine oil on components such as the camshaft and the rocker arm must be able to withstand a load that is sometimes higher than 10,000 kg per cm². With such a load, the engine oil is the only protection between the metal surfaces and must therefore be able to withstand this. With Castrol oil you are assured of this protection.


    • SAE 5W-30
    • ACEA C3
    • API SN / CF
    • MB Approval 229.31 / 229.51
    • Renault RN0700 / RN0710
    • VW 502.00 / 505.00 / 505.01
    • GM / Opel Dexos 2
    • GM-LL-A-025 / GM-LL-B-025

    Oil Viscosity Classification SAE5W-30
    Content1 Litre
    application5w30 longlife
    SpecificationAPI Diesel CF
    API Gasoline SN
    ACEA C3
    Packing TypeBottle
    Manufacturer ReleaseMB 229.31
    MB 229.51
    Renault RN 0700
    Renault RN 0710
    VW 502 00
    VW 505 00
    VW 505 01
    VW 505 00/ 505 01
    MB-Freigabe 229.31
    MB Freigabe 229.51
    GM dexos2�
    Renault RN0710
    Renault RN0700
    OilSynthetic Oil
    mB229.31/ 229.51
    APISN / CF
  • Manufacturer

    Castrol oil

    With over 100 years of experience, Castrol is able to develop motor oils for different driving needs and driving conditions - with each product being treated with extreme precision.

    Castrol currently has three different lines of engine oil:

    - Castrol Edge
    - Castrol Magnatec
    - Castrol GTX

    The Castrol Edge Motor Oil is the most powerful oil that Castrol delivers. Castrol Edge is the most advanced engine oil in the Castrol range. The Fluid Strenght Technology enhances the oil so that metal metal remains frictional. As a result, the engine's life is extended even further to other motor oils.

    Castrol Magnatec and Castrol Magnatec Stop Start is specifically designed to provide 75% less wear while engine warming up. Most wear of the engine occurs during the engine warm-up phase. Due to the unique formula of Castrol Magnatec, this wear is significantly reduced. The Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start has additional additives that make the oil slip less quickly from the engine components when the engine is not running. This greatly reduces wear during the engine's modern engine shut-off cycle.

    Castrol GTX is an engine oil that is an engine oil with a very strong anti-sludge effect. Due to many short runs in which the engine does not reach temperature, oil canals can be slid into the engine. If short journeys continue, there is a risk of damage to the engine and the engine will no longer be well lubricated. Castrol GTX therefore has very stronger anti-sludge additives that greatly reduce sludge formation and keep your engine in top condition. Also, if you ask for the extreme of the engine.

    Castrol supplies more fluids than just engine oil. At the moment we also have the following Castrol products in the assortment:

    - Gearbox oil
    - Power steering oil
    - brake oil
    - Coolant
    - Lubricants

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  • Reviews 23

    • 5 By: Glenn Dewilde on 28-11-2021

      Very good, smooth order and good follow-up of the order.

    • 5 By: Gerard Slagter on 30-03-2021

      Perfect oil for my diesel, only Castrol and fast delivery

    • 5 By: M. Bakro on 15-02-2021

      highly recommended, i use it with every oil service,

    • 5 By: Endri Topoviti on 29-11-2020

      The best oil ever for my corsa.

    • 5 By: van den Ende on 10-11-2020

      Good competitive price and fast delivery

    • 5 By: Emre Ardic on 12-06-2020

      Excellent service top thank winpart

    • 5 By: tromp on 30-01-2020

      Always use the same oil for my Zafira b 1.8! My mileage is now 238000 km And use half a liter at 10,000 km.

    • 5 By: Antoine RYCKMAN on 29-01-2020

      As expected, the oil canisters were well sealed. The oil also had the correct, requested specification. I have successfully used them for the maintenance (including oil change) of our SsangYong Tivoli

    • 5 By: Geert Tack on 26-03-2019

      First time I use this oil. It is noticeable that it needs more time to reach operating temperature, which is of course positive because then the oil does not heat up quickly.

    • 5 By: Esad Ajetovic on 19-02-2019

      Original castrol oil for competitive price.This time the fastest delivery ever.21 hours between order and the package open.

    • 5 By: Fred Bodde on 05-02-2019

      Fast delivery good price

    • 5 By: Sebastiaan Blommers on 06-01-2019

      The perfect oil for my Beemer

    • 5 By: M Postma on 26-10-2018

      The right engine oil for a competitive price. Delivered next day.

    • 5 By: Daniel Turner on 06-10-2018

      Good oil and good price what you pay for it

    • 4 By: Verhoef on 13-09-2018

      Does what it has to do. Does what it has to do.

    • 5 By: Dewanand sieuwpersad on 04-09-2018

      Super good brand! And goop.

    • 5 By: Ferhan Topal on 12-07-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 25-05-2017

      excellent service, delivered quickly, yet much cheaper than in the bmw garage top!!

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 15-03-2017

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 15-10-2016

      great service good product am very satisfied ..

    • 5 By: Anonymous on 30-09-2016

      am very satisfied with ''

    • 5 By: Antal adrian on 17-09-2016

      -no further explanation given-

    • 5 By: E.Duursma on 25-05-2016

      oil is difficult to judge, but I have every confidence in it

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    • 0531725. Engine Oil Castrol Edge Titanium 5W30 C3 1L
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