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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax

4.86 4.9/5 (29 Reviews)

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Product number: 0241109

Manufacturer number: G17748

EAN: 0070382003531

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  • Specifications

    Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax

    The most complete Meguiars shampoo with carnauba wax and synthetic polymers provides a deep shine as if the car has just been waxed.
    While washing the car, the dirt is removed and a wax layer is actually left behind. So this shampoo adds extra protection to the paint during washing!


    1. Shampoo and Wax in 1 product
    2. Highly foaming formula lifts dirt off the surface
    3. Hybrid Wax (Carnauba) protection
    4. Enhances shine while you wash


    1. Spray the most coarse contamination of your vehicle with a garden hose and / or high-pressure sprayer
    2. In a (large) bucket, mix 1 to 2 caps of this product with warm water and a washing glove
    3. Prepare a second bucket to clean the wash mitt occasionally
    4. Start at the top of your car and wash it per panel, making (without applying pressure) strips and / or circles
    5. After each panel, rinse the wash mitt in the bucket of clean water and then dip it back in the bucket of shampoo
    6. When you have finished all parts of the car, rinse the car with the garden hose / high pressure sprayer
    7. Dry the car with a microfiber cloth

    Note: this product contains harmful substances. Please refer to the PDF with all safety information.

    applicationShampoo & Wax
    Guarantee2 years
    Content1400 ML
    Mixing ratio (full bucket)75 ml
    CategoryClean and protect
  • Manufacturer

    What began a century ago as a simple furniture polishing laboratory and factory in the garage of founder Frank Meguiar Jr. has now started his fourth generation of Meguiar family members. With its 100-year anniversary in 2001, Meguiarâs is now one of the world leaders in high-quality products for every conceivable type of surface. Meguiar's is the number 1 of the most sold car care products. Some products may be more expensive than other brands, but the compositions are considerably better, with a super result. Each product has its own packaging. Due to the specific composition you need very little so you can do long hours with your purchased product. Be surprised!

    Meguiars is an American family business that produces more than 300 different cleaners, polishes, waxes, conditioners and protectors. Meguiars promises top quality products, and the consumer fully believes in this. Meguair's is one of the international market leaders in this segment and is extremely popular with car enthusiasts.

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  • Reviews 29

    • 5 By: A.van Leeuwen on 30-11-2023

      An excellent liquid wax that gives a beautiful shine! Wash wax with warm water and mix well in a bucket

    • 5 By: Peter Elshout on 21-11-2023

      Does what is expected

    • 5 By: Mariska Swart on 24-10-2023

      The car was pampered again.

    • 5 By: Dirix Mark on 30-08-2023

      Top product that I have been using for a few years

    • 5 By: P. Bakker on 20-03-2023

      Good shampoo. The drops roll off the car through the wax it contains.

    • 5 By: Auktje Rozema on 24-01-2023

      Super product, certainly meets expectations and a very nice result.

    • 5 By: G.J. Ginkel on 23-12-2022

      This detergent washes well and provides a good wax layer. Am very satisfied with it!

    • 5 By: Gosens on 26-11-2022

      great products from Meguiars

    • 5 By: F. Docter on 14-07-2022

      All right, with that orange ?glove?

    • 4 By: Maarten Teunissen on 12-07-2022

      Great stuff, gives a nice shine

    • 5 By: R van Rijn on 27-05-2022

      As far as I am "skilled" in this area I can only say that the product meets my expectations

    • 5 By: Marcel Geilen on 26-04-2022

      You have to stir the soap very well or else it will leave stains on the car. I wonder how it goes next time when I put the soap in a jar of the Kärcher and then spray it off.

    • 5 By: Peter Mans on 17-04-2022

      Will my car get nice and clean and shine well

    • 5 By: Eric van Raaij on 08-04-2022

      Super product, car shines and cleans well

    • 5 By: A.J.Dekkers on 22-03-2022

      Excellent use nothing else.

    • 5 By: Frederik Telleir on 05-02-2022

      Very good product, been using it for years.

    • 5 By: A.J.M. Faassen on 18-11-2021

      I have been using Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax for years to wash the car. It cleans the paint well and safely and gives the paint an excellent protective layer that lasts for a long time.

    • 4 By: Gerard Willemsen on 08-07-2021

      Pima, however, is difficult to dose volume

    • 5 By: Renier Krol on 04-05-2021

      Little needed and provides good protection

    • 5 By: Stefan put on 06-11-2020

      Great, it makes my waggle shine all over again.

    • 4 By: Barry Van Dijk on 01-11-2020

      Cleans well and shiny

    • 5 By: W. Hendriks on 21-09-2020

      Perfect, we have a black car in Spain, after washing with ultimate, it shines like now. Last bottle goes to Spain for friends there.

    • 5 By: Carlo Kuit on 23-04-2020

      the best car shampoo / wax combination available!

    • 4 By: Ludo van Kempen on 21-04-2020

      Have been using it for years, the perfect shampoo for maintaining a protective layer on the car paint. Not a good shampoo for heavily soiled vehicles.

    • 5 By: Hans on 21-04-2020

      very good product mequiar wash wax definitely recommend it.

    • 5 By: François Houbrechts on 21-04-2020

      I give you the the product hence I have purchased it again.

    • 5 By: Dick Lamboo on 19-04-2020

      Dissolve shampoo well in warm water (stir well) until a firm foam forms. Great result: car shines like a mirror.

    • 5 By: Aart Verhoef on 18-04-2020

      Best car there is, shines beautifully again �

    • 5 By: Renze de Vries on 09-07-2019

      Auro becomes shiny clean, with a beautiful shine

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    • 0241109. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax
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