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Quinton Hazell

Clutch Kit QKT1682AF Quinton Hazell

Product number: 0158683

Manufacturer number: QKT1682AF

EAN: 5016593457898

€ 258,52

€ 161,33

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  • Specifications

    Diameter mm: 225 Hub profile: 20 Thickness mm: 22.4 Keyway number: 20 Packaging unit: 1 Level:
    Number of Teeth20
    Hub Profile22,4
    Friction Lining Outer Diameter [mm]225
    Guarantee 2 years
    ContentWith bearing(s)

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  • Applicability

    SIGMA (F2_A, F1_A) | 12.1990-07.1996 3.0 V6 - 2972ccm, 205pk, 151kw - 6G72 (DOHC 24V)
    SIGMA (F2_A, F1_A) | 12.1990-07.1996 3.0 V6 - 2972ccm, 177pk, 130kw - 6G72 (SOHC 12V)
    3000 GT
    3000 GT Coupe (Z1_A) | 06.1989-12.1999 3.0 i 24V 4WD (Z16A) - 2972ccm, 286pk, 210kw - 6G72 (DOHC 24V)
    GALANT Mk V Saloon (E5_A, E7_A, E8_A) | 06.1992-12.1996 2.5 V6-24 4WD (E88A) - 2497ccm, 170pk, 125kw - 6G73
    GALANT Mk V (E5_A, E7_A, E8_A) | 11.1992-09.1996 2.5 V6-24 4WD (E88A) - 2497ccm, 170pk, 125kw - 6G73
    SIGMA Station
    SIGMA Station Wagon (F0_W) | 06.1992-10.1996 3.0 - 2972ccm, 170pk, 125kw - 6G72 (SOHC 12V)
  • Manufacturer

    Quinton Hazell
    Sir Eric Quinton Hazell founded the company of the same name in the 1940s. Quinton Hazell has grown into one of the largest suppliers of auto parts.
    The company offers, among other things, water pumps, thermostats, shock absorbers and thrust bearings.

    Since 2013, Quinton Hazell has been part of the Tetrosyl Group and the company has received a huge boost in quality.
    The company is known worldwide as an excellent supplier of various car parts.
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