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Van Wezel

Radiator Grille

  • Radiator Grille
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Product number: 0012274

Manufacturer number: 4325511

EAN: 5410909311773

€ 13,23

€ 8,05

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  • Specifications

    application: bottom left

    Fitting PositionLower Left
    SectionFront Section
    Paired article numbers4325512
    Guarantee3 years

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  • Applicability

    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.4 e (KA0V) - 1390ccm, 75pk, 55kw - E7J 626
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.9 dTi (KA0N) - 1870ccm, 98pk, 72kw - F9Q 731, F9Q 736
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.4 16V (KA0D, KA1H, KA0W, KA10) - 1390ccm, 95pk, 70kw - K4J 714, K4J 750
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.9 dCi (KA05, KA1F) - 1870ccm, 102pk, 75kw - F9Q 732, F9Q 733, F9Q 738
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.9 dTi (KA1U) - 1870ccm, 80pk, 59kw - F9Q 744
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.6 e (KA0F) - 1598ccm, 90pk, 66kw - K7M 702, K7M 703
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.8 16V (KA0S, KA12, KA1A, KA1M, KA1R) - 1783ccm, 115pk, 85kw - F4P 720, F4P 722
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.6 16V (KA0B, KA04, KA11) - 1598ccm, 107pk, 79kw - K4M 708, K4M 700, K4M 701, K4M 704, K4M 709, K4M 712
    MEGANE I Grandtour (KA0/1_) | 03.1999-08.2003 1.9 D (KA0J, KA0R) - 1870ccm, 64pk, 47kw - F8Q 790, F8Q 622
  • Original part numbers

    7700427580 RENAULT
  • Manufacturer

    Van Wezel

    Van Wezel Autoparts is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of car body parts and cooling parts in Europe through a constant focus on quality and innovation.

    Van Wezel makes car parts for over 65 years. The following brands fall under the Van Wezel group:

    - Equipments - Sheet metal & body parts
    - Hagus - car mirrors
    - International Radiators â Cooling system & Radiators
    - Van Wezel â Lighting parts

    Van Wezel Autoparts is the specialist for damage parts! EQUIPART is the quality label of Van Wezel and gets this when the EQUIPART part is equivalent to the original. To be able to determine this, it is extensively tested. ONLY parts that are EQUIVALENT to the original are included in the EQUIPART range.

    Koplamen, taillights and cooling parts from Van Wezel are produced according to OE specifications. Van Wezel strives for a perfect fit on all products that fully matches the original product. As a result, there will never be a problem with the installation of Van Wezel products.

    The customer can be confident that Van Wezel products meet the highest possible quality requirements for assembly and safety. The products are equivalent in all respects to original products, except for the price!

    We deliver many Van Wezel products from our own stock, as a result of which the products are usually delivered within one day.

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